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Advertising company jobs offer high paying career employment for a wide number of posts. The work in advertising company is varied and each post requires you to be skilled at one particular field. In fact it is a complete distortion of facts if someone tells you that the only way to get into advertising companies is to be creative. Many people who do not have a trace of originality and are only good with numbers join this industry and do well for this industry has space for everyone.

So choose a job post the suits your needs and compliments your latent talent. Employment in advertising industry is bound to be extremely remunerative. After all it is an industry that is experiencing an average growth rate continuously without any decrease. In fact research has shown that this industry has the potential to experience much expansion in particularly the medical and scientific advertising fields. And if you are interested to join this industry for its high paid salary, you should seriously consider joining the sales wing for that has been identified to be the wing which holds maximum promise.

If you are interested in advertising jobs, one think that you should know very well is that these jobs are likely to be very competitive and stress inducing and it is for your taxing schedules that you do get to earn the lump sum amount annually. So take your decision wisely and opt for a job that appears to be minimally taxing for you:

1.      Creative Department- Provided you can naturally come up with good ideas and are always bursting at the seams with ingenious ad campaign plans this will turn out to be the least taxing work for you. This is because all you will have to do is bank on the creative part of your brain to easy the workload. If you are naturally equipped enough to work in this department, you should know that you can choose between being copywriters or working with visual graphic designers or even coordinating the work of different creative teams through your excellent managerial ability and a knack for grasping creative ideas.

2.      Research Department- Like we said, this is an industry that requires a variety of labor force, each adept at something or the other. If you have always been a math wizard with an intuitive understanding of market trends, this will be a job that will come to you real easy for all you have to do is feel the pulse of the market based on the analysis of collected primary and secondary data and provide suggestions to your company accordingly.

3.      Media Planning Department- This will be the right job for you if you are a business mined person besides being analytical and creative. A recruit to this wing not only comes up with effective strategy for successful ad campaigns, they strike profitable business deals to ensure that all materials required for the campaigns can be procured at minimal cost.

4.      Sales Department- Recruits to this wing work almost as hard as that of the previously mentioned department. With their good communication skill they effectively sell out media spaces in broadcasting, online websites or newspapers- whatever their company may be in possession of- to different client company at a lucrative rate so the latter can make use of these spaces to campaign out for their own products or services.

Since the last two jobs require you to be highly efficient and maintain a lot of business records, do not opt for it if you want an easy way out. Now that you know about all the available options, go apply for your fair share of jobs in the advertising companies!

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