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Advertising has become the single most important factor for a business to survive the competition in the market. The main competition is coming from the developing countries which have their own companies that are targeting local. Free trade and economy may have increased opportunities for corporate but have also given birth to ever increasing competition. It is because of this competition that companies are seeking new talent and sincere people as there is very less time for imparting full-time training.

Training has therefore been made a part of academics curriculum so that the suitable candidates can join and start work right from day zero. It is advertising that has seen a major revamp over the past decade. Leaving the traditional thresholds, advertising has gone hi-tech and even to places that was deemed impossible even a few decades earlier. Thanks to the internet, this advertising ghost continues to receive unlimited fuel and areas for growth. But in case you did not want to succeed in advertising, here is what you can do!

  • Sit Back and Relax: Advertising job is one of the few jobs that you can just laze around with. You just need to have some intuition of sorts and then come up with some weird idea – all in your dreams. Therefore you need to sleep more to dream more; maybe even day-dream!
  • SEO, SEM concepts are just hypes: The internet has really become a place for selling all trash stuff, including new jargon. In reality these are nothing. It is just a way to make a fool out of a serious candidate. Therefore don’t stress, just chill-out!
  • I’ll stick to my original business strategy: Have an attitude when in advertising. If by any chance, you have a business that was originally started by your previous generation, respect their strategy. There is no chance that things could have changed since then. You must follow the path that they already set out for you. And as for the newbie, stick to what you believe. The best thing would be to listen to all and do what you like to!
  • I don’t need another helping hand: One of the major mistakes that new advertisers make is by hiring help. Unfortunately, that help either sabotages the firm, steals all the creative stuff from your mind or even makes you file for bankruptcy. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got your hands full with work. Never ever share it with a new recruit. It is better to earn personally than share with others. Too many cooks always spoiled the broth!

Creativity? That is for losers: Who says advertising is the domain of creative people? Just by working ‘hard’ enough and learning from books, you can easily make your way through. Creative people are the real losers; in fact they are the laziest people around and believe that they can achieve everything by learning from their environment. On that note, to be an effective advertiser, all you need to do is keep your mind shut and work single mindedly – never let anything perturb you at all!

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