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Employment in advertising sales is a highly rewarding job for those who are creative and sociable by nature. Advertising sales jobs basically require the recruit to market their company’s advertising space to other companies, outdoor advertisers or clients so that the latter can make use of the space to market their own products and services. The work is mostly restricted to newspapers, magazines, websites, televisions or radios.

Since todays’ media thrives on advertisement, this is a grand and a lucrative job opportunity entailing the scope to grow and expand. If the sales representative is working with the newspaper, he will have to strike a deal in selling the daily’s classified ad space to clients for a good sum of money; if the sales representative is working in the broadcast industry, then he needs to make a profitable contract of selling “time” and if the sales representative is working for an online company, he needs to sign a cost-effective deal with a client company by selling space for banner ads.

Work in advertising sales typically requires the recruit to have good written and verbal communication skills. The person needs to be polite and exude warmth and assurance for these positive vibes always come in handy for bagging a money-making deal. The person needs to have a sound knowledge base about his or her company’s needs and functions. It is vital to be well versed with the company’s demographics to serve his or her company well. Moreover, the person needs to be organized for this will help him or her to maintain records for her accounts in a precise manner.

Jobs in advertising sales also require the applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, there are many other companies in the advertising industry who will hire any applicant with a presentable warm personality and just a high school diploma. Education, you see, is not all that important when it comes to this job field.  What actually acts as a major determinant is strong work principles, an unbreakable tenacity and willingness to work hard and learn along with proven credentials about a person’s capability of making successful sales. Work experience gleaned from working in other related fields such as marketing or public relations too are supposed to come in handy.

Advertising sales work falls in an industry that has been found out to be experiencing a good growth rate. This should come as good news for all those who are planning to apply to this field. Any sales representative in the advertising industry on an average gets a good basic pay along with a commission and a percentage of money from hat they sell. Adding all these up, national statistical institutes has reportedly found out that the annual income draw of these personnel range between 22k- 62k.

So, if you think that you are up for these kinds of job, definitely do send in your resume. After all nothing feels as satisfying as getting a chance to work in a job post that exploits your strengths!

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