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The economy today has become a very hard place. People who have held a position for many years are being laid off and companies are downsizing. This puts some very qualified people in the market for a new job. At times they have to take the jobs that are available. This means applying for jobs that they may be over qualified to fill.

The interview process is a key to someone who is applying for a job that is beneath their skill level. They have the task of convincing someone that thinks they are over qualified to give them the position. Getting turned away because of your skill level is almost insulting. Some employers believe that your ability to do more could make you less motivated to do a more mundane job.

Employers also feel that if they hire and train someone that is over qualified that the person will leave as soon as a higher paying, more challenging job is offered to them. It costs money to hire and train an employee and they do not want to waste the money on someone that will not be a long time employee.

If you find yourself applying for a job that you are over qualified for you should remember one thing. Do not dumb yourself down to get the position. The interviewer will be able to see that you have more experience than is necessary just from your resume. You must be honest on your resume because they will need to verify your previous employment to offer you the position.

You should be open with the interviewer and tell them that you really need a job and that you are willing to work hard. Jobs can be at a minimum in these times so they need to understand that you will be there daily and do the required tasks and more if asked. You need to convince them that you are the best person for the job and that they would be very happy with their decision to hire you.

Your personal skills will get you much further if you are honest. You can win someone over with your personality they will be more likely to take a chance on you. If you are offered the position, be prepared for what is coming. You could be doing a task that is repetitive or is not as challenging as former jobs. You may not have the opportunity for promotions in a lower level position so do not get frustrated.

Rather than being aggravated at the job and the conditions that you are working in, be thankful to have the income. Careers are important and so is doing what you need to so you can get by. While the position may not be in your Career Line, it is a job and you can give it your best attention.

It is very important to be positive and humble when in the interview. If you are arrogant and give the impression that you are too good for such a position you will defiantly be passed by. Employers want to see commitment to the job whether you are over qualified or not. Remain calm, humble, and interested and you will find that you have success in getting the position.

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