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An interview is the most important step that needs to be crossed in order for you to attain a good legal job that will enhance your career and make your future bright. Searching for a good job and applying for it is a tough process, in fact it is a tiring process. But when your efforts bear fruit it will be one of the better things that will happen to you. The fruit of your labor is a call for an interview at your desired organization. But the best thing that will happen to you is when you clear or cross this important step.

According to the owner of A. Harrison Barnes, many capable and qualified people fail to clear this important communication process. You cannot secure a job unless you clear the interview. In order to do so you have to keep in mind certain important facts. If you are careful and cautiously approach every step of the interview, then you are sure to secure the offer. Some of the things that are needed to be kept in mind are discussed by A. Harrison Barnes.

He suggests that the most important thing is to have a thorough understanding and complete knowledge of the company or the organization that you are applying for. Make sure that you have collated enough information to answer any questions that may be asked. The common ones are “what do you know about the company” or “why are you interested to work with us?” To answer these, your knowledge about the company should be up to date and accurate. You should even know the position or the standing of the company in the market. You cannot choose a company to work with whose reputation in the market is not up to the mark says A. Harrison Barnes.

You should even conduct yourself in the best possible way in front of the interviewer. Make sure that your resume and the covering letters are eye catching. A good impression depends upon the way you present your documents and the way you conduct yourself. Not only the documents but also the attire you are wearing, the make-up, the jewelry or the spit polished shoes creates a lasting first impression. The employers do not hesitate to comment on anything they don’t like, so A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should make sure that you are not giving the employer a wrong impression of yourself.

A. Harrison Barnes also recommends you to practice with your family and friends the questions that are expected to be asked for the attorney job during the interview. This way you will know where you are committing mistakes and thus you can rectify them. If you can rectify these mistakes on your own and if you are successful in answering the questions posed according to their expectation then the legal job is surely yours. You just need to be confident enough and portray yourself as a positive individual. These are some of the best ways you can present yourself and which will surely make an impact in the mind of the employer and help you get the law job.

Once you have secured the offer, you need to wait for certain formalities which need to be completed by your new employer. The officials from the HR department cross check the details of the prospective candidate. They talk to the earlier employers of the candidate and clear their views about him or her. This is primarily done to verify information which is provided by the candidate at the time of the interview.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, this process of cross verification is a process where your profile needs to evict a positive response. If your profile does not receive a positive response from your earlier employer, then you will not be hired for the attorney job with the firm where you have given the interview. Some firms have policies that are needed to be followed. The managers are supposed to provide a written reference request to the Human Resources Department. If the manager gets a positive response from the HR Department, then things are working in your favor. A direct verbal reference will be passed on your behalf by the manager to his or her employer.

The most common reference checks that are done for the former employee are questions based on the job title the former employer enjoyed, the responsibilities that the employee was tasked with, the dates of employment, the final salary of the employer, weakness if any and also how the former employee is ranked on “dependability” and “teamwork”.

The next step is to take the signature of the former employer. This check needs to be done on documents that are sent by the requesting firm or organization. The company should not reveal any information without the acceptance of the former employer that is mentioned through the presence of the signature.

Thus these are some of the reference check requests that are usually followed after the confirmation of the hiring of the attorney.

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