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In Georgia, education jobs are available aplenty, if you know the right places to look for. The education industry is constantly in need for employees. It is a fast growing industry and it never seems to run short of its demands for newer applicants. So if you are on the lookout for education jobs in Georgia and are feeling practically lost as your searches have not yielded good results, then read up on what we have to offer. We have shortlisted down the best available opportunities for you.

Georgia, US’s twenty fourth largest state covers a total area of 59, 441 people. Bounded by Tennessee and North Carolina in the north, Florida in the South, Alabama and a small part of Florida again in the west and South Carolina in the east, Georgia would have practically been a landlocked country had it not been for the small opening that it has to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. This is a state that provides shelter to a huge population of 9,829,211 people. Not only does this state house such a large population but it provides for such a big populace too by absorbing them in its various industries.

So if you still have not been able to get that perfect education job in Georgia browse through our list of the choicest job openings in the state:

1.      International Search Consultants has offered an Atlanta, Georgia based job to anyone interested in working with this company in the post of National Director of education. This full time job promises to pay a hefty amount of 110k- 120k annually. Apart from this princely sum of money you are provided the scope to earn as much as 14k additionally every year as bonus. All you have to do is work with the company’s client (who is a prominent name in providing healthcare services) in leading their corporate training and development department. Applicants are required to have at least a graduate degree and a minimum of seven years’ experience in a post that had given him or her opportunity to plan and implement educational programs.

2.      An online website company called has offered a job from Atlanta Georgia. Anyone interested in working on a contractual basis can opt for this highly remunerative job. Apart from being a localite insider, all you have to do is possess in depth knowledge about education and schools. The company is on the lookout for hiring teachers, school administrators or tutors who are capable of writing a good hand on topics pertaining to this subject. You will be required to post two to three articles per week and encourage readership by replying back to the collected comments.

3.      Laurus Technical Institute, a company based in Decatur has offered a full time, well-paying job to anyone interested in working in the post of Director of Education of the organization’s medical campus. Apart from a four years’ degree, the applicants are required to have seven to ten years’ worth of work experience in a similar post

Education work in Georgia with some of the best institutions of the state is now at your hand for your consideration. Georgia education employment is yours to bag!

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