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Professionalism is a word used very widely of lately. What exactly is professionalism? It is a group of fairly defined ideas and sort of rules regarding the way an employee should conduct his behavior in the office- how he should interact with his seniors, clients and co-workers. The quality of an employee’s work, the effort that he puts in his work, how efficiently he can manage his work even under a lot of pressure etc. also gives a fair idea about that person’s approach to professionalism.

How to act professional is mandatory to know if one wishes to be successful in his work endeavor. Some of the professionalism guidelines will be provided in the following paragraphs.

The first thing one notices about a person even before any interaction is the way one is clothed. An attire that suits one’s work place is very necessary to adorn. Very basic is that the clothes should be washed and clean, without the mark of wrinkles, unstained and not skimpy. Some offices demand strict formal clothing, while places like departmental stores and retail shops prefer casual dresses.

The guidelines to how to be professional also gives ample consideration to how employees conduct themselves. Employees are expected to be respectful, polite, well mannered, considerate and understanding. To act professional one needs to be prompt at acting. The emails, messages, faxes, phone calls need to be attended to right away. One must be respectful when addressing one’s seniors and courteous while addressing his juniors.

One must also use business terms while speaking in the workplace. Knowing the right thing and delivering the correct information to others is also a part of professionalism. Very colloquial terms, wrongly-pronounced words, swear words and grammatical errors in the language in which one is speaking should be religiously avoided.

Following work ethics is indispensible in the self- training of how to be professional. Employees are expected to be honest, integrated and accountable. In short they need to make things simple for themselves and for the rest of the co-workers and not unnecessarily complicate things. One is supposed to perform his work correctly and efficiently and do nothing to reduce productivity.

Sometimes such circumstances may be faced by employees where  they are not already instructed with guidelines of professionalism or company rules. At these times one could make use of the socially approved norms of behavior.

There are certain other facts about professionalism which are considered to be more professional at work. Commitment to the profession is important. One should also be aware enough to use the information they have, very judiciously. Ensuring best possible productivity should not be subservient to the morals of honesty, courtesy, fairness etc. Acceptance of one’s own faults and being responsible for all his activities is also crucial.

These professionalism guidelines are generally accepted by most part of the world. Professionalism is an integral part and parcel of one’s work life. Most of the professional etiquettes do not need to be learnt, they are innate to human beings.

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