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You have recently been pink slipped and are now helpless in coping with it. You may not have done anything wrong or may not have been at fault. Getting fired is the most unacceptable thing for any one, especially when one knows that the fault is not his or hers. When you know that you are the best at your work, it is even more painful.

Taking the next step

But the question remains what to do next. Do you want to continue living in pain of getting fired or do you want to give your career a new start? Do you want to allow depression to control you or you want to move ahead in life and in your career? The decision is completely yours, says A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of Employment

You should try to understand that you are not the only one in this world who have been fired, says A. Harrison Barnes. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world have faced and are facing what you are going through. There are many reasons behind them getting fired. It may be that they had a personality conflict with their superiors. They may have spoiled everything while working. Their idea of the job may be different from what their superiors have in mind. Apart from these reasons there can be many others, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Always remember that you are not alone who is in this situation. You need to overcome whatever has happened and move ahead with a positive frame of mind. A. Harrison Barnes suggests you to take the wise decision of forgetting the past and move on with life. You need to realize that you can’t allow this to affect you in a way that will spoil your future. You have to concentrate on what step you need to take next and how you are going to find yourself another job. Now is the time you to think about your future.

Shift in career?

You now have many options open to you, believes A. Harrison Barnes. You can either continue in same field or shift to another career or profession. You can take this termination as your new chance of starting afresh.

If you have enjoyed working in the last industry you worked, then you can think of moving to another point but if you are willing to switch then you need to do it with a plan. It includes the process of self-assessment, choosing the best career that fulfills your priorities, taking the help of your friends, family and your mentors to take the decision, creating a fresh resume and cover letter and facing the interview.

You should look positive and be positive. While preparing your resume, decide on what exactly you want. Are you willing to mention in your resume the job from which you were fired or just avoid it? It is suggested that you avoid mentioning it if that job lasted for less than three months. But if you are mentioning it then A. Harrison Barnes recommends you to prepare the answer for the question why you were fired?

Interview is the place where the question of getting fired is most important. In order to answer this question well, you need to practice hard in advance of what you will say. A. Harrison Barnes suggests you to be honest and brief with your answer. Even try to turn the negative point into a positive one by accepting that you have learnt a lesson and would be careful about it in future. This will help you to focus on why you are suitable for the job and how your skills can help the company you are interviewing for. Do not say anything against your former employer. Be soft and nice about him. This will leave a good impression in the mind of the interviewer.

When you are applying for a new position make sure that you are truthful in the application. A lie will help you in no way in your future. Be convincing in your approach.

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