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As a job seeker, it is vital that you keep your resources well organized at all times and ready when anyone asks. It also helps to keep in mind that at all times, the number of job seekers for a particular position will far outnumber the job requirement. During a bad economy, this only makes matters worse for your job search because work opportunities shrink visibly.

Why Organize at All?

When you spend five minutes into organizing, you have actually given yourself one entire hour in terms of time saved! Hard to believe? I thought so myself when this ‘tip’ popped up on my email screen as a forward.

So I decided to put it to test, organizing the family kitchen one day. I discovered that when I fixed a dish of pasta for my wife it was an entire 30 minutes less than I usually took for the same recipe. I saved up on a bit of time and a lot of hassle; if not an entire hour.

So, how is this linked with a job search?

Getting Organized

Anyone who has sought out jobs knows the amount of time spent in processing information. To begin with, there are jobs listed in newspapers and which you want to keep track of. So you probably have several mounds of paper cuttings that need to be kept track of. Add to this your online job searches. Can you now tell, without extensive shuffling, which one of the postings needs urgent attention? How can you start organizing your job search? Here’s some ways that might work:

  • Beginning as soon as you can, start filing your newspaper cuttings away neatly. File the most urgent ones towards the top.
  • For your online searches, create folders on your computer by company name in short form, accompanied by the date needed to make a job application or attend an interview. In this folder, you can also store relevant information about the company itself that you may have researched.
  • Make copies of these folders on a drive that acts as a back up.
  • After you have made the job application, keep track of the follow up required for each job.
  • If you are applying to more than five positions, you can also create a table or grid on a paper or on your computer. This will allow you to keep a record of job applications, interviews, and follow up dates.


As a job seeker, your job search takes on far higher importance than you may realize.

  • It helps you remain focused on your immediate goals.
  • Organizing, as a physical activity, can help prevent pessimistic and demoralizing thoughts.
  • You are aware, even as you organize your search that you are working towards a fruitful endeavor.

Organizing your search is vital to ensure you do not miss out on any appointments or interviews. Not only does this result in opportunities lost, it could also result in an employer labeling you as irresponsible.

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