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How to convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the job lies in the technique that you use to answer job-related queries in the interview, particularly how you communicate to the interviewer that you are the right fit for the job. Before you go to the interview, there are a few things you should be prepared to answer. Of course, a good resume, and good appearance are necessary, but chances are that an employer has already seen enough information on your application or resume considering you as a candidate.

When it comes to landing top jobs in any career, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the jobs, the company, and the market or industry. A potential interviewer will be impressed if you are able to offer well-thought out solutions to problems and seem like you already know what the company does and how they fit in with their competitors. Remember that interviewers are more interested in professionals wanting to pursue a career with the company not those looking for a paycheck.

It is likely that you are changing careers due to job cuts in your previous area of work. If this is the case, be sure that you highlight your transferable skills and not just those that are specific to your past employment. Also, be sure you do not blame your past employers or speak negatively about them during an interview, since they will probably be consulted as references.

Most potential employers look for someone who is positive and upbeat, knowledgeable and personable, and can easily adapt to change while being part of a team. Further, when you are trying to convince an employer to hire you, don’t make yourself out to be a super-hero. Instead it is more important to state answers in a teamwork setting. You can always say, “I led my team to the number one spot in the company” to indicate leadership skills, instead of saying “I was the reason we were number one in the company”.

You might want to rehearse an interview in front of a mirror or with a friend that will be honest with you. This will make you less nervous during an actual interview. Also watch for facial expressions and the way you say things. While you might not know the exact questions you will be asked, remember an interview is more about finding the proper attitude. Think before you answer any question and try to avoid responses like, “I can’t think of anything or I don’t know.”

Whichever career you want to pursue, it will be your job to convince the employer that you can benefit them. Do your research and find out as much as you can about the company so that you can use it to show the kind of benefits you can offer them in a positive manner. If you convince the interviewer, you may find yourself with a new job and a rewarding career.

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