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Before setting foot in the job market it is advisable to pen down your skills and abilities which can actually be marketed. Once you are sure of all the skills you possess you automatically come to know of your worth in the different professions in the job market. Now you can easily go ahead and make a choice knowing pretty well which profession will demand you the most.

To begin with enlist everything you are good at. Keep updating this list from time to time. The list can contain positives like maths, reading/writing, knowledge of computers, etc. Another list which you will need to prepare is the one with all your short falls. Enlist everything that you are not very good at and also your limitations with your strong points. This list might include things like your lack of administrative skills, not knowing a particular programming language or your inability to compose lengthy reports. All this will obviously depend on the sector in which you are looking for job openings. Also decide on the fact if you are looking for a part time job openings or a full time one. Part time jobs are also available in plenty these days.

There is one more thing to keep in mind. Remember that if your prospective employer things that you are over qualified for the job he might not consider it a good idea to hire you. The reasons are simple. There is a basic fear of your leaving the job in a very short time for something better which with your skills you are likely to get. The employer hence won’t want to waste time with your training.

Now that you are done with skills inventory it’s time to start working on your resume. It is the first impression on any recruiter. The resume decides if you will be called for a job interview or not. So make sure that it sums up all your academic qualifications, achievements in the past job, key skills and other strong points. The best thing to do is to customize a resume for every job application depending on their expectations from their applicants.

Once the resume is ready you can begin your job search. Concentrate on job openings which require skills possessed by you. The best place to start searching for job opening is the internet. There are hundreds of job search engines available all over the net. Register in a few easy steps, upload your resume and let the website recommend jobs to you.

It’s not necessary that all job openings will be advertised publicly. Hence it is very essential to maintain a good networking with both your personal and professional contacts. If they are aware of the fact that you are looking for a job they will definitely let you know of any leads available in the job market.

Be confident and honest at a job interview and you can expect to be absorbed in no time. Getting a job after all isn’t rocket science.

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