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The most professional job seeker seems to know the ins and outs of landing the job and all that it entails. From intriguing cover letters and resumes to how to dress for an interview but many forget a small, but important final step in the job search process – showing gratitude through ‘thank you’ notes.

The ‘thank you’ note is used on many occasions and it is highly effective and often an unexpected, greatly appreciated gesture throughout the job search and after any interview offered. While the job seeker’s resume and cover letter gets their foot in the door, following up an interview with a ‘thank you’ note heightens the chances of receiving a full invitation to come into the company. A ‘thank you’ note creates a favorable after thought in the mind of the interviewer, who may have written you off as a potential employee or had been trying to decide between yourself and another candidate for employment.

Writing a ‘thank you’ note after an interview says that you appreciate the employer lending you their time and considering you for employment. It also shows that you are organized, professional and grateful – traits that anyone can appreciate.

Using ‘Thank You’ Notes throughout Your Job Search

The key to utilizing ‘thank you’ notes to the best of your advantage is to use them throughout your job search, not solely after interviews. You can take the opportunity to thank those who played a role in the progress of your search for employment. This includes potential coworkers who were helpful or gave you job leads, employees at temp agency who connected you with a job and any other individuals who affected your job search. Their help went a long way and your ‘thank you’ note will do the same.

When and How to Send a ‘Thank You’ Note

The ideal time to send your ‘thank you’ notes to an employer is within a day after your interview. Send other recipients of ‘thank you’ notes theirs as soon as you hear back about a job they helped you connect with, whether or not it led to an interview or job offer.
You should always send your ‘thank you’ note in the mail, not an email. A handwritten ‘thank you’ note is much more professional and personal, however brief it may be.

Tips to Writing a ‘Thank You’ Note

Now that you know the importance of ‘thank you’ notes, who receives them and when and how to mail them, there are a few guide lines to writing a ‘thank you’ note you will want to keep in mind.

• Handwrite your ‘thank you’ note inside of an attractive blank ‘thank you’ card, otherwise type up a ‘thank you’ note on the same high quality letter headed paper you used for your resume and cover letter.
• Personalize your ‘thank you’ note by addressing it to the specific individual, highlighting your conversation and how they helped or treated you.
• Mention any information you forgot to during the interview
• Be sure to reiterate your interest in the position and give thanks

‘Thank you’ notes positively impact your job search, they say a tremendous amount about you as a person and people will want someone like you as an employee or to stand as a reference for.

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