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Being in the middle of the job search market can be both difficult and daunting. Whether you started off your quest for employment with a great deal of enthusiasm or not, there are always days when your job search and your motivation get off track. Determination is a must have for any professional job seeker, but keeping the determination flames ablaze requires fueling from motivation. Here are some ways in which you can keep yourself motivated throughout your job search.

Set Goals - Having specific goals in place from the start will help you to finish your job search more efficiently. Set goals that relate to your wants and needs for a job, then go after jobs in that field. Set goals that include deadlines by which you are to find a job, it will motivate you to work harder in your search for employment.

Track Your Progress – Keep track of your goals so that you know how far you are from achieving them and when you have met them. Additionally, keep track of companies you’ve applied to and need to apply to, letters you need to write and calls you need to make so that everything gets done in a timely manner.

Set a Job Search Schedule – Setting a schedule for your job search will help you to stay on track, and encourage you on those off days when you don’t feel like getting up and looking for jobs. The schedule need not be a specific time frame, like 9-5; just setting time to rise and start your job search so that it begins each day is sufficient.

Network – Networking can be extremely motivating. It is meeting new people and not just any people, but people who could very well guide you to your next place of employment. Make time for networking, whether online or at job and networking fairs and you’ll feel good knowing you put yourself out there.

Get an Accountability Buddy – While you are fully capable of motivating yourself, most individuals can give themselves a bit of break when they shouldn’t be taking one and the break can lead to unintentional slacking in your job search. An accountability buddy is a friend who will do just what the name entails, hold you accountable. They’ll check in on you and ask how your job search is going, cheering you on all the while.

Perfect Your Professionalism – Take this time to polish your résumé, update your business attire, and find resources that will assist you in becoming the perfect job candidate (articles on interview dos and don’ts and similar subjects).

Focus on Your Free Time – Your job search’s success relies on your commitment to it, but treating it as an actual 9-5 will leave you feeling drained. Enjoy your free time and focus on how you can utilize it. Spend time with family and friends, exercise, work on a project you never had time to accomplish when you were in the work force, or take a class and learn a skill.

Reward Yourself – Remember to reward yourself throughout your job search. Whether you received an invite to interview or met a set goal, acknowledge your accomplishment. Little pay offs motivate you. All of your efforts will reward you in turn when your Job Search comes to a successful end.

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