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All of us whether working at the junior level or senior level work by the hour having planned a schedule for each hour at work. In office we are given some work to complete for the day which is then divided into number of hours for which we are in office, but how much work we are able to complete depends on how we delegate work for the day.

Delegation in general terms means to assign task to someone responsible. As junior level employees we often see our seniors assigning us work by the hour, they in return are assigned tasks from their seniors and so the cycle continues. You would thus feel that assigning task to someone else is an easy job however in real world it is not so, because the person assigning you the task is actually assigned the work by some other more senior level person in the company and so is answerable to them.

If the person fails to assign the work by the hour properly then it might affect the team’s work which will subsequently affect his position in the company. It many times happens that their seniors hold them responsible for the incomplete work of their team members.  Hence they have to consider different factors before assigning the hourly work to the staff.

First he needs to understand the nature of the job and then assess if it can be done by someone else from his team or he will have to do it. If someone else can do it then he has to make a choice regarding whom to assign the job. For this he has to think of the skills his team members have and who can do the job. Then he has to provide the person with required information and train him on how the task needs to be done.

Assigning work by the hour makes it really easy for you to monitor its status.  Also it leaves you with more time to use your time and energy in some other more productive tasks. But remember delegation is an art and cannot be done hastily because you need to get everything done correctly.

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