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Once you have framed a perfect resume and cover letter, you need to garner the attention of the hiring committee for getting that interview call. However, it is not yet time to reap the harvest as you still need to get prepared. A Harrison Barnes, the CEO of Law Crossing, believes that you must do a thorough research. Find out as much as possible about the organization you are applying for. Be ready to ask your interviewer intelligent questions and don’t forget to study their website. You may even contact the alumni for getting better knowledge about the firm.

Know what your Resume Says

When called for an interview, make sure you know all that is written on your resume. Remember to elaborate your achievements and experience exactly and briefly to the interview board. Make sure to blend your qualities with the requirements that are asked for. Knowing what to highlight is something that helps you avert stumbling through long winded answers.

Be Smart to Ask Questions

This is extremely important as you need to come up with queries, as according to A Harrison Barnes of Law Crossing, it can put off the interviewer if you have nothing to ask. It shows that you have not well researched about the company or that you never bothered. Some of the questions you can consider are: how does an attorney spend a typical day; who is an ideal law associate or attorney; what traits are you likely to possess for success; how are new lawyers trained; what is the partnership track for the associates and others. The questions to avoid are: what is the type of compensation to expect; what is the number of days allotted to vacations; is weekend work required; are relocation expenses paid for and other similar ones.

Come up with Smart Answers

Answering smartly is an important part of the legal attorney interview, believes A Harrison Barnes. Law Crossing offers help in this context. While it may sound too generic in memorizing answers, using a little bit of common sense is harmless. Some of the questions are tricky and prior thought is one of the effective ways not to get caught off guard. Answering questions related to your strengths and weaknesses, why you are interested in that particular organization, or why you want to be a lawyer; some of your accomplishments and others must be done with thoughtfulness.

Dress Appropriately

The legal profession is a conservative one and A Harrison Barnes advises men and women to wear conservative attire that fits you well. Men cannot go for sports coats and slacks. A two piece suit is more in tune with the needs of the profession, especially if it is traditionally styled. For women, the legal job is not where you can show your figure or sense of style. Focus on creating a professional image and the best way to go about is to dress up in a traditional skirt. A nice dress is overruled as it does not convey a sense of authority. Skirts are preferred to pants as they look formal on you. Too much perfume is also a spoiler as it can trigger a sneezing fit. Scented body wash, lotions, hair spray and perfume are to be strictly avoided.

Face the Event

Stay rested before the interview is about to take place. Go for some fresh air and leave early so that you are on time. The best option is to report at the receptionist’s desk at least 15 minutes before the interview. Cordiality is an important thing to remember. Be polite with the receptionist as in some offices opinions of every employee matter. Hence, don’t act as if they are beneath you. First impressions are sometimes last impressions and so make it positive. Talk in an upbeat and confident manner and sounding enthusiastic.

Concentrate on your Body Language

Be attentive to where you are sitting. Leaning forward in the chair may appear that you are eager, but it will also make you look nervous. A Harrison Barnes mentions that you must keep with the flow by maintaining the conversation with the interviewer. Give the impression to the interviewer that the conversation is a natural one. Be clear with your answers. Finally, Law Crossing would advise you to market yourself well by impressing your potential employer. Interviewers prefer exciting and enthusiastic candidates who can balance professionalism with conversation.

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