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To be successful in a job interview is neither very easy nor very tough. All you need to do is keep some basic things in your mind before going for an interview and perform accordingly. Your first impression is already created by your resume and the cover letter, which you have sent to the legal employer while applying for a certain position. Your resume leads you only to the door of the employment. There is no guarantee it will bring you the job. It is your performance during the interview which determines whether you will get the job or not.

So getting the job in the legal field depends entirely on how you perform at the interview. Also, the more you impress the employer, the brighter are your chances of getting the job.  A Harrison Barnes, the CEO of Law says that you need to do some research before going for the interview.  It has to be largely related to the legal company you have applied to. Find out if it is a private or a public law firm and about its history. You can decide your expected salary from the information you collect about the firm concerned. It will also give you some idea of the kind of environment prevalent at the firm.

The research should also enable you to know how old and reputed the firm is. You may not like to associate yourself with a firm that is neither famous nor spoken of highly.  Find out if the firm is not well reputed or is facing a lot of troubles that may soon shut the doors of the law firm, A Harrison Barnes feels that you should stay away from such legal firms.

It is not a bad idea either to try to know some history of the legal company. This will help you answer certain questions – like “why do you want to work with us?” or “what do you know about us?”  during the interview. These are the most common questions asked at the interview. Thus knowledge about the history of the company will help you create a good impression before the interviewer. He or she will be happy, even impressed to know that you have done your homework and are very keen to work for the firm. Knowing such detail is very important believes A Harrison Barnes.

Before going for the legal interview, you need to practice how to answer the probable questions. You can do this with the help of your friends and family members. This should also give you some idea about where you are wrong and how you can rectify the mistakes. And you will surely gain in confidence and feel at ease during the interview. You will also be able to answer the questions quite confidently.

A Harrison Barnes states that you need to follow a dress code whenever you go for an interview. Make sure that you are wearing formals and not casuals at the interview. Remember, you are not going to attend a party but to face an interview for the position of attorney. So you have to dress up accordingly. Piercing is highly objectionable in the legal profession and you should avoid it, particularly the facial piercing, advises A Harrison Barnes.

You must reach the venue at least 10 to 15 minutes early before the scheduled time of your interview. This creates a good impression as it indicates that you believe in punctuality. A Harrison Barnes suggests that you should never be late for the interview because legal employers in particular just do not encourage or welcome the latecomers.

The worst thing you can do at the interview is to read from your resume. It goes without saying that you should know full well what your resume contains. If you keep reading your resume, it would imply that either it is prepared by someone else or you are having some self doubts.

When you reach the interview room, first knock the door and then enter. After you have been called in, make sure that you shake hands with every person present on the other side of the table. Keep standing till you are told to sit down. And after the interview is over do not forget to thank the interviewer for seeing you and shake hands again. These are some of the basic interview etiquettes that you must know and follow says A Harrison Barnes.

Your answers to each and question should be both relevant and related to what exactly has been asked. Do not start giving speeches or mention irrelevant points. The interviewer’s time is very precious. He or she may not be interested in irrelevant matters.

Try to clear all your doubts by asking relevant questions, albeit with a fair degree of courtesy and humility, to the interviewers. They usually do not mind answering such questions provided they are asked politely.

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