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Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear a newscaster say those words, “Statistics show..”.  Have you ever wondered where those stats come from?  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of says statisticians are the ones we can thank for discovering that 8% of the population writes left-handed, along with every other statistic we’ve ever heard of.  Statisticians apply math and statistical knowledge to surveys and experiments and from there, they analyze the data gathered and interpret them into percentages.

Surprisingly, the founder says statisticians work in nearly every sector of society: psychology, marketing, sports, economics, politics and even the military field.  If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite television show was canceled, it was because the statistics showed there wasn’t a big enough audience.  Remember your neighbor whose small business loan was declined?  It’s possible the decision was made based on the population versus the number of already existing businesses that were similar to his.  The bank could have “run the numbers” and discovered the odds were against him and his ability to repay the loan, which is why your neighbor heard, “Statistically speaking,” right before the bank declined his application.

The majority of the time, you’ll discover the need for a college degree to even land an interview.  Some companies require a master’s degree in statistics and/or mathematics and too, there are those high ranking positions that will require a Ph.D.  These jobs are usually at the university level or those higher ranking federal government jobs.  A. Harrison Barnes says most universities offer statistics programs and usually they go hand in hand with a math program.

According to BLS, the need for statisticians will remain consistent and will even grow, albeit not at a very rapid rate.  Still, the job outlook makes it a career choice one might consider, especially if math comes easy for him.  Further, the founder says the use of statistics is growing, especially within the government and even the pharmaceutical companies.  You might be surprised to learn (we were) that the field of meteorology uses statistics as much as any other field.  Everything from predicting a hurricane season to predicting the odds of a tornado outbreak are all thanks to a statistician who “run the numbers”.

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