Friday September 29, 2023

Number One Job Search Tip: Distribute Resume

There are people who are looking for a job for a long time but still they fail to get proper offers. There are various reasons for this. People usually tend to make certain mistakes which creates problem for them to get a good job. You must always remember that there is a stiff competition in […]

Facts about Professionalism

Professionalism is a word used very widely of lately. What exactly is professionalism? It is a group of fairly defined ideas and sort of rules regarding the way an employee should conduct his behavior in the office- how he should interact with his seniors, clients and co-workers. The quality of an employee’s work, the effort […]

No Voice, No Choice?

For women in the workplace, it can sometimes be a brutal struggle between fighting those natural instincts while also wanting to remain assertive and refusing to be the company doormat.  A recent The Office episode showed the company receptionist as she fought to go from receptionist who answered phones and made copies to a sales […]

Preparing For Interview Questions

If you are contemplating a career change, it does not take a Career Counselor to tell you that the market out there is tough! A career change is a rough thing to pull off in the best of times, and currently, the competition is quite high. While career counselor can give you a lot of […]

What to Avoid in an Interview During Your Job Search

In preparing for your job search, how important is it to anticipate certain questions and prepare for them? Very. In an environment where jobs are eminently scarce, it makes sense to go all out in your preparation for a job. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity just because of lack of preparation […]

Making Use of the Best Internship Interviewing Tips

If your resume is good, you should be receiving plenty of calls for job interviews. Unfortunately, if you are unable to follow up with a strong presentation when you meet with your prospective boss, it will be very hard to secure a job. In particular, if you exhibit a lack of confidence, or you appear […]