Friday September 29, 2023

Your Resume Might Not be Enough

For awhile, it seemed as though job applications were being pushed to the wayside as companies began using an applicant’s resume and then incorporating all that the internet offers.  This process usually worked for any other information they might have needed from those applying for a position.  That could be shifting again, says A. Harrison […]

No Voice, No Choice?

For women in the workplace, it can sometimes be a brutal struggle between fighting those natural instincts while also wanting to remain assertive and refusing to be the company doormat.  A recent The Office episode showed the company receptionist as she fought to go from receptionist who answered phones and made copies to a sales […]

Tennessee’s Employment Woes

A report in the Memphis Business Journal reveals there were nine “mass layoffs” in August, 2010.  Mass layoffs are defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as “a layoff of 50 or more employees by a single company”. It appeared things were looking better for the southern state as the numbers had been dropping, […]

The Telephone Interview

Some say an initial telephone interview is ideal for both the interviewer and the interviewee. The reasons are many, especially if the job opening has resulted in an overflow of resume submissions or if a potential candidate lives out of the area. Job candidates appreciate them because it allows them to deal with those awkward […]

Trust and Your Employees

Many business owners are away from the office more than ever. They’re travelling more and for longer times. Clients are no longer based solely in the U.S., but are now of the international variety. The technological advances of the past decade afford many businesses these incredible opportunities. There are times, however, when video teleconferencing and […]

The Boss is Leaving. Should You Follow?

You always knew your manager was way too talented and definitely overqualified for his position. Now it looks as though at least one company has seen what you’ve known all along. He’s been offered an impressive salary package and a challenging new career. He’s also been given free rein to hire whomever he chooses for […]

Shaping the Job to Allow You to Flourish

Rarely, if ever, does one step into a new career and have it fit like a glove. There are tweaks, minor adjustments and slight shifts that allow you to really flourish in whatever position you accept – provided you can make those small changes. Not only that, but few of us are going to be […]

One Touch Growth

Have you noticed how every online article, website and blog now has a “share” button that leads the body of the text?  The familiar “F” in shades of blue tell us we can easily link virtually anything we find on the web, from YouTube videos to breaking news stories on our local television’s website to […]

Taking a Cue from Law & Order

One of the stars of the award winning Law & Order series announced she and her husband are expecting their first child.  Alane De La Garza is married to Michael Roberts and they both are eagerly anticipating their first child in October.  Naturally, fans of both De La Garza and the Law & Order franchise […]

Statistics Show…

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear a newscaster say those words, “Statistics show..”.  Have you ever wondered where those stats come from?  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of says statisticians are the ones we can thank for discovering that 8% of the population writes left-handed, along with every other […]