Friday December 8, 2023

How to Locate the Best Job Openings

Before setting foot in the job market it is advisable to pen down your skills and abilities which can actually be marketed. Once you are sure of all the skills you possess you automatically come to know of your worth in the different professions in the job market. Now you can easily go ahead and […]

The Follow Up – It Can Make or Break a Job Offer

Too many times, candidates will leave an interview with the belief they’ve not only done all they can, but that “all they can” should be enough for an impressive job offer. Some even wager they’ll receive a phone call, complete with an offer, before they make it back home. Nothing could further from the truth, […]

Do You Really Need a Degree to Get a High Paying Job?

What happens when your resume doesn’t include a formal education?   While it’s true a degree can mean higher income levels over the course of your working years, there are still many career choices that people thrive in without the benefit of a degree.  “While you won’t be able to practice law without a degree, there […]

First law job offer: Things to Consider

Final year at the law college is the best time to prepare for a placement in the law firm that you have always looked up to. Once the graduation is complete and you are out looking for an opportunity to prove your talent, you need to take some factors into consideration which will help you […]

Getting Your First Part Time Job

Finding your first job can be a challenge. If you have never looked before you may not know where to start. Additionally, you are in a bit of a pickle where people may not want to hire you without experience, but you cannot get experience without being hired and given the opportunity to gain it. […]

Presenting Yourself as a Brand During Your Job Search

When you are in a place where you want to make sure that you are going to get the job that you need, you will find that you are going to have to find the best way to ace that job interview. Your job interview is going to be the time when you wow your […]

What Every Interviewer Should Know

It’s human nature: we all share many of the same experiences, including finding ourselves in front of an interviewer in hopes of landing what we’re sure is our perfect job. Then, the day arrives when you find yourself on the other side of the desk in the role of the interviewer. You’ll likely recognize some […]