Friday December 8, 2023

100K Salaries – Tips on Finding Jobs that Make 100K

We shall now discuss some of the relevant steps that should be taken by you in order to find a 100K job for yourself as fast as possible. So let us get into the steps without further delay step by step. The basic theory is not necessarily to work hard but to work smart. Save […]

A Look Back – Are Virtual Assistants Still the Cure-All?

A few years ago, all the buzz was about a new breed of workers – virtual workers.  It seemingly offered a solution for those who’d been laid off from their traditional jobs as well as employers who needed the tasks completed, but just didn’t have the budget to cover the expenses involved with hiring a […]

The Follow Up – It Can Make or Break a Job Offer

Too many times, candidates will leave an interview with the belief they’ve not only done all they can, but that “all they can” should be enough for an impressive job offer. Some even wager they’ll receive a phone call, complete with an offer, before they make it back home. Nothing could further from the truth, […]

Your Resume Might Not be Enough

For awhile, it seemed as though job applications were being pushed to the wayside as companies began using an applicant’s resume and then incorporating all that the internet offers.  This process usually worked for any other information they might have needed from those applying for a position.  That could be shifting again, says A. Harrison […]

No Voice, No Choice?

For women in the workplace, it can sometimes be a brutal struggle between fighting those natural instincts while also wanting to remain assertive and refusing to be the company doormat.  A recent The Office episode showed the company receptionist as she fought to go from receptionist who answered phones and made copies to a sales […]

Getting Organized With Your Job Search

As a job seeker, it is vital that you keep your resources well organized at all times and ready when anyone asks. It also helps to keep in mind that at all times, the number of job seekers for a particular position will far outnumber the job requirement. During a bad economy, this only makes […]

The Significance of Researching Job Requirements

If you are without a job and running high on delayed or defaulted bills, don’t blame yourself if you find yourself reaching out for the first job holding any prospects for you. You are not alone if you are clutching at whatever comes your way during difficult circumstances. However, good research can help you find […]

Things to Look for in a Job Website

Before deciding on a job offer, it is important to land with a job. There are a lot of head hunting portals out there and they offer candidates unique opportunities for career growth. There are more than 50,000 career related web pages of employers and thousands of job boards in the United States that claim […]

The Dreaded

Interviews are difficult, but when the dreaded question, “What are your salary expectations?” is asked, it can take an uncomfortable and awkward turn. What’s the correct reply? A. Harrison Barnes, founder of agrees, “Quote a number too high, and you might as well abandon ship right away; quote a too low number and you […]

Getting Your First Part Time Job

Finding your first job can be a challenge. If you have never looked before you may not know where to start. Additionally, you are in a bit of a pickle where people may not want to hire you without experience, but you cannot get experience without being hired and given the opportunity to gain it. […]