Friday September 29, 2023

The Boss is Leaving. Should You Follow?

You always knew your manager was way too talented and definitely overqualified for his position. Now it looks as though at least one company has seen what you’ve known all along. He’s been offered an impressive salary package and a challenging new career. He’s also been given free rein to hire whomever he chooses for […]

Shaping the Job to Allow You to Flourish

Rarely, if ever, does one step into a new career and have it fit like a glove. There are tweaks, minor adjustments and slight shifts that allow you to really flourish in whatever position you accept – provided you can make those small changes. Not only that, but few of us are going to be […]

Fired From Job: Handle it wisely

You have recently been pink slipped and are now helpless in coping with it. You may not have done anything wrong or may not have been at fault. Getting fired is the most unacceptable thing for any one, especially when one knows that the fault is not his or hers. When you know that you […]