Friday September 29, 2023

What to Avoid during Your Job Search

When you are in a place where you are hunting for a new job or career, you will find that there are several things needing your attention. Jobs and careers are fewer than you might entirely be prepared for; especially when fulfilling employment is something you need to seriously think about. How are you going […]

Answering Key Interview Questions when you are Over Qualified

The economy today has become a very hard place. People who have held a position for many years are being laid off and companies are downsizing. This puts some very qualified people in the market for a new job. At times they have to take the jobs that are available. This means applying for jobs […]

The Dangers Of An Interview

As if you need another reason to dread an interview, here comes an article on what employers are really thinking during your time with them in that one on one conversation you’re hoping will go smoothly and will ultimately lead to a job offer. While the interviewer may have your undivided attention, odds are, you […]