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Your job search begins with the hope of finding a job you’ll love and ends when you find that job after obtaining an interview. Often, job seekers become so involved in their job search, especially in filling out numerous applications and following up on jobs with little results, that they are at a loss for what to do next when finally they are contacted by a potential employer for an interview. Use these ten tips to help you stay prepared for that interview phone call during your job search.
1 Get Yourself an Interview
If no one is contacting you or if you are interested in a particular company, follow up and get yourself an interview with the hiring manager. Once you obtain an interview, follow the steps just the same and prepare to bring your job search to an end.

2 Be Available
Whether you followed up many times or were invited to interview with a company, be available to interview as soon as possible and try to make it at the hiring manager’s convenience. If you currently hold another job, make arrangements around the days or the hours you work. You want a potential employer to know you are interested in meeting with them and are grateful for the opportunity.

3 Be Ready to Go
Many job seekers claim to be available to start immediately. Employers are busy people and like potential employees to be available at their convenience. Make all necessary arrangements beforehand so that you may begin working soon after your interview. For example, if you have small children now would be the time to find childcare for them.

4 Research the Company
Visit their website and explore their mission statements, specific job descriptions, and history. The interviewer will be impressed by your knowledge and you will have a foundation for forming questions of your own.

5 Get Familiar with Interview Questions of all Kinds
Gone are the days of typical, non-thought provoking job interview questions. Employers are thinking big and getting creative with their questions today. Search the Internet for job interview questions of all kinds so you won’t be caught off guard.

6 Rehearse with a Friend
Print out the job interview questions you found most difficult to answer and rehearse answering them with a friend. Have your friend give you honest input on your best answers and the ones you should work on.

7 Have References in Order
Alert anyone you named as reference for your interview; this will allow them to make themselves available to chat with your potential employer, if need be.

8 Have Your Résumé Ready
Make sure your resume is updated and relevant to the job. Carry a few copies with you just in case.

9 Dress to Impress and for Success
Shop for the perfect interview wardrobe during your job search so you aren’t out looking for something to wear the day you have an interview scheduled.

10 Write a Thank You Letter Beforehand
Write a job-specific thank you letter to mail out immediately after your interview and drop it in the mail box whether or not you think it went well.

Being prepared throughout your job search for the interviews you will eventually land shows employers you are serious about getting a job and you’ll be interviewing and working in no time.

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