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It is easy for any Job Seeker to launch out into a job search market with great enthusiasm but no real plan to help see them through to their goal. Take time to look at plans for finding your next job and make sure you are avoiding these 10 Job Search Mistakes.

1. A job search requires much time and research to find job openings and many job seekers make huge mistakes when they do not put in enough time. Without doing the job research they do not send out enough resumes to get call backs for interviews. A. Harrison Barnes recommends his job research website Hound. It can provide theJob Search so the job seeker has plenty of opportunities for which he can apply.

2 It is a mistake when job seekers confine their job search to one media like newspaper advertisements. CEO of Hound, A. Harrison Barnes, offers his clients every job that can be posted by anyone, any where in the free world. A team of researchers and high end servers locate and post jobs continuously for Hound members.

3. Mailing or posting resumes for jobs everyone else is competing to get is a limiting effort. A huge mistake for a job seeker is to apply to a job that is being bombarded by resumes from all the classified ad readers. When applying for a well advertised position there will be competition for the job opening. Your chances for landing the job are greatly decreased.

4. Many job seekers make a big mistake when they use a cookie cutter resume style which is not tailored to a specific employer and a specific job. The A. Harrison Barnes website will coach members at that a resumes should be very unique because it describes skills, experience, and who the applicant is as a person.

5. A job seeker applying to positions for which he has less than minimum requirements, experience or education is a mistake.

6. The job seeker does not have a system for organizing and tracking job search materials. This is a mistake and can result in missed interviews and missed opportunities.

Job seekers accumulate a lot of information and notes for specific job opportunities. Candidates can have different resumes, multiple cover letters, and a long list of jobs to which they applied. The applicant may get several business cards while networking with contacts or doing research on different companies. A Harrison Barnes suggests it is important for the job seeker to stay organized and have notes and business cards at hand should a call back come after an interview.

7. Many job seekers do not realize it is a numbers game to get an interview and to get hired. They do not apply to enough employers to get any interviews. The mistake is underestimating the amount of contacts and interviews that need to be made before the fish will bite.

Research has found the average job seeker in the market for an annual salary range of $30,000 to $100,000 talked to 26 different people about jobs and hiring before they were actually hired.

8. It is a mistake to take rejection personally. The self confident job seeker knows she has got to kiss a lot of frogs before the prince of a job appears. A good way to deal with the rejection of a job opportunity is to have the next one lined up.

9. No plan to get the job. There are many things a job seeker can do to research and make contacts for jobs. Meet with a recruiter? Interview a person already doing a similar job in which there is interest? A. Harrison Barnes suggests putting 20 hours a week into the job search, unless working and looking for a job at the same time. Then, 10 hours a week is a good goal for job searching.

10. E-mail communication only can be a mistake. There have been several articles written on the mistakes that can happen when only using email as the communication tool. To avoid making most mistakes, call the hiring firm or business and verify their e-mail address so a hefty security system does not send communications into Spam when it comes into your mail box.

In conclusion, there are many mistakes to avoid when searching for the perfect position. Remember, whether the job hunt is a do-it-yourself project or whether assistance is hired in the form of a job research website, the search is yours. The results depend upon the job seeker and his investment in the organization and steps required when completing every goal necessary to land the job. Good luck in the job search!

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