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Marketing is defined as an effective communication based process. It informs and convinces you that the product and the services which are provided to you by a company are very satisfying and beneficial. It helps you effectively increase the reach of a brand or a service which is being offered. Thus, marketing is extremely crucial for any organization which wants its products and services to be known and recognized by the consumers. Marketing essentially speaks about the features, quality, benefits and how genuine the product or the service. It informs the consumers about its various benefits. Marketing strategies decide the price of the product and help make the consumers aware of the existing product or service.

But today marketing is used not only to promote a product but can also be used for promoting your legal career. Yes, even people have started adapting this model in the best possible way to let the employer know who you are, what your abilities are and how can you prove to be an asset to the organization. Marketing in simple words, according to the owner and creator of BCG Search A. Harrison Barnes, is just promoting yourself to make a potential employer interested in buying your abilities for the benefit of his/her organization. You just need to know how to apply the important marketing principles so that you can present yourself in the best possible way in the legal job market. It not only helps you in your search for a new attorney job but also helps you gain an edge in your present organization.

A. Harrison Barnes suggests some tips that will make you aware of the other aspects of marketing. This will help you understand your needs and thus you will be able to market yourself in a better way to secure the legal job of your choice.

Initial Marketing Plan

Initial planning is extremely crucial in order to market yourself in the right way. You cannot take any step before you plan and understand the strategies of marketing. This will help you in optimizing your legal job search. You need to decide what your goal is for your legal career. You need to decide on where you want to take your law career from your present situation. What are the necessary steps that are required for you to reach to your goals that you have set for yourself in this field?

In order to know the future scenario of your legal career A. Harrison Barnes asks you to analyze the trend and decide in which company you would like to work with in the future. This can be done through a thorough marketing research. It will help you get all the necessary information that will complete your search for your desired legal job. You can also complete your research by reading the excerpts of information given by the experts and talking to such experts in your field of legal practice. This is known as informational interviewing. This is the best way to understand the trends which are currently seen in your field which will ultimately benefit you with a successful legal career.

A. Harrison Barnes says that it very important for you to know that how to search for your preferred employer. It will also help you prepare a better legal resume and the legal cover letter.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

The 4 P’s of marketing are promotion, product, place and price. It is known as marketing mix by A. Harrison Barnes. These 4 P’s are the key to a successful job search.

Product: In the job marketing world you are the ‘product’. You have to analyze what are your skills and talents, what are your qualities, your achievements and characteristics that separate you from others in the legal job market. These very skills and accomplishments will place you in a better position in the minds of the employers who will look up to you. You may be the best in your field but unless you cannot market yourself to the employer, you will not get the recognition that is due and which is needed to get a legal job.

Promotion: In order to let everyone know your capabilities and your strengths, you need to promote yourself well. In order to promote yourself you need to prepare a very attractive and accurate legal resume. Your legal cover letters should be the best, reflective of your skills and your aim in the legal field. You can take help of experts who can guide you with the preparations of the resume and the cover letters.

Place: You need to have good contacts where you can promote yourself and get references for suitable law jobs. These contacts should be able to let their employers know about your skills and potentials and should effectively spread the word about your interest in securing a fresh opportunity. You need to cultivate your networks and ensure that you are in constant touch with them. You need to reach out and let them know about your skills and achievements.

Price: Price or compensation which is offered is an important factor to consider before accepting the given offer says A. Harrison Barnes. You need to market yourself in a way which will make the employer understand that your skills and your experience is valuable and thus they need to compensate you adequately. Your skills can be used for the progress of the organization. Thus you need to be rewarded and compensated in the right way. The way you market yourself will decide the compensation which you can expect to be offered during the interview process.

A. Harrison Barnes says that if you follow the steps which are mentioned above, you can surely make an impact in the legal job market and these 4 P’s of marketing will help you successfully achieve the goal of securing the right opportunity for you.

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